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Flow of treatment

1️⃣ Fill in the pre-examination table and change clothes

Please fill in the physical condition on the pre-examination table.

You can receive treatment as it is if you wear clothes that allow you to expose your elbows, knees, abdomen, and back.

Body suits, slim jeans, dresses, etc. that tighten the body and those who wish to change clothes are also available with treatment clothes (free of charge).


2️⃣ Interview, physical condition check

Based on the pre-examination table, we will ask you what your body is like now.

(From the second time, we will start the treatment immediately after a simple interview and palpation.)


3️⃣ Treatment

We will give you the treatment that we proposed in the interview.

If you have any questions or concerns during the procedure, please let us know.

In that case, we will perform the treatment while explaining.

For children and those who are not good at acupuncture, it is possible to perform treatment with "contact acupuncture" that does not pierce, so please contact us.


4️⃣ Status check, checkout

We will check (confirm) the physical condition after the treatment and explain the effect and future treatment. Please be assured that we will not make unreasonable proposals.

You can also pay with a cashless card or PayPay.


VISA / Master

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