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Hataki Acupuncture Clinic
Aoyama Omotesando, Minato-ku TOKYO
3min from Omotesando-sta A1exit
15min from Shibuya or Harajuku station
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Stress, Anxiety, 
Infertility, Insomnia,

Pain Management, Sciatica
English spoken
Shintaro Uesugi M.S., L.Ac.
Licensed Professional Acupuncture
& Chinese Medicine Specialist
with 20 years experience
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Do you want safe and effective solutions?

Join the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medicine and the US Military in utilizing 

`the most effective pain relief and recovery method.

Japanese acupuncture treatment style which is an extremely gentle technique for Stress issues, digestive problems and pain management as well as rebalancing for your body system. 

modern perspective of balancing your neuro-endocrine system providing immediate pain relief, increased circulation, and unparalleled stress reduction. 7000 hrs formal education.

Extensive study and international professional experience in traditional and modern medicine. 



Insomnia Anxiety Depression

Addictions Dizziness Fatigue

Tension Tics/spasms Addictions

Dizziness Vertigo PTSD



Nausea GERDs Gastritis

Constipation IBS Dysentery

Colitis Crohn’s Diverticulitis

Bloating, Gas Reflux



Colds Flu Asthma

Bronchitis Sore Throat Tonsillitis

Sinusitis Rhinitis Hay fever

Allergies Ear aches Post nasal




Joint Pain Neck/back Knee/hips

Sciatica Arthritis Carpal tunnel

Shoulder, Tennis elbow

Headaches TMJ Fibromyalgia

Heel spurs Shingles

Common Complaints


Infertility PMS/menstrual Menopause

Diabetes Neuropathy Bell's Palsy

Phantom pain Trigeminal neuralgia

Tinnitus Jet lag Sport's injuries

Shintaro is dedicated to serving you and world class service and health education.

Complimentary consultations available how Acupuncture will benefit your specific health concerns 

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call 03-6897-2008

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E-mail : 


Acupuncture (General/ Primary)

☆  60 min        8,800yen (include tax)

Fertility Acupuncture

      Treatment     8,800yen

Cosmetic Acupuncture (Facial Rejuvenation)

 with electro acupuncture

       60 min         8,800 yen

First visit fee:     3,300 yen 


3 min from A1-Exit, Omotesando station

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Office  Hours 

Monday - Saturday

10am - 8pm

Closed:  Sunday

Visit Us In The Office

4th floor

#407 Shuwa Kitaaoyama, 3-15-13 Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo  107-0061

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