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About hygiene

Our hospital takes the following measures. Please come with confidence.

Use disposable acupuncture

Since all the acupuncture used in the treatment is disposable acupuncture, all the ones used once are discarded.

Change towels every time, use disposable paper for pillows

Once used, it is replaced every time.

Never meet other practitioners

Since it is a complete reservation system and a complete private room, you will not come into contact with other people.

Installation of hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are installed at the entrance, treatment room, restroom, etc.

We would like to ask those who come to our hospital to cooperate in disinfecting their hands.

* If you are sensitive to alcohol disinfection, please wash your hands in the restroom when you come to the hospital.

Disinfection of various parts of the hospital

Not only the doorknobs of the entrance, treatment room, and restroom, but also beds, slippers, and other parts of the hospital are disinfected at any time.

Regular PCR inspection of staff, temperature measurement every morning, wearing mask, hand washing, thorough disinfection of hands

We carry out PCR tests for all staff, measure the temperature, wear masks at all times, wash hands, and disinfect hands and fingers thoroughly.

Always operate the air purifier

We constantly humidify and clean the air, and also ventilate.

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